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Audio DSP processor


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Digital Wireless


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Useful links

Above the link related to a patent held by Carrozzo Michelangelo for the project (actually in production) of a digital wireless microphone .
Till now it is the unique existing wireless microphone with a switch band of  400 MHz; in fact it cover in continuous mode the frequency band from 470 MHz to 870 MHz.
The modulation is digital and encrypted; the transmission protocol is proprietary.

On list above some Nuova Elettronica magazine under my editorial direction; a real cookie for Italian electronics geeks;   unfortunately the  language is only Italian.

Very well explained tutorial on radio digital modulations.

NASA Office of Logic Design,  a true wonder for avionic and aerospace technologies lovers.

This website is full of curiosity and history directly from pioneers of  aerospace electronic technologies.

On link above it is possible to see the complete diagram of original Apollo Guidance Computer; the machine that brought the Man on the Moon .

History from original documents related to the choice  of  MIT designers  about this incredible enterprise ( we are around early 60′).  Very interesting the human point of view that is behind these enterprises.

It is possible to see original documents of purchase order to  Fairchild and Texas Instruments regarding first three input NOR gates Integrated Circuits which constituted the on board 16 bit computer  .

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